AIAIAI supporting artists

We created the series to promote and compensate musicians with new weekly mix releases on Soundcloud and Mixcloud - all curated by Benji B.

In an increasingly uncertain business of being a musician DJ or performing artist we wanted to find a way to contribute to supporting the music and nightlife scene.

The effort intends to equip artists to advance their creative and performance opportunities on a global stage, as nightclubs and music venues have largely faced ongoing closures and other restrictions internationally as the COVID-19 pandemic persists. 



MIX 025

Sadar has been digging for records all of his life. In s time where Chicago was filled with DJ’s who played house and disco sounds, Sadar chose a different direction, playing rare, hard-to-find grooves.

Sadars own words on the mix:

"It's a mix of rare disco gospel and afro beat! Get ready for another Disco Beatdown"


MIX 024

Honey Dijon's brazen style blends all genres without looking to the past. She captivates with her instinct, versatile sound and dazzles the club and fashion circuit in London, Paris, Berlin and New York.

Honey Dijon's own words on the mix:

‘This mix is a tribute to my roots in Chicago house music that continues to inspire dancefloors around the world’.


MIX 023

DJ Spinna is something of an anomaly in music.  A humbling example of what it takes to truly succeed within the framework of multiple fields. Turning heads throughout the industry, Spinna’s sonics soon infiltrated numerous genres. Tapped by everyone from Mary J. Blige, to Motown Records.

Short and sweet from DJ Spinna himself:

"This is an all 7” vinyl mix. The vibe is uptempo Disco, Boogie and Funk with a splash of House at the end."


MIX 022

Oneman is a club DJ through and through. Stephen Bishop hopscotches through his hard drive playing the best in UK club music and well beyond. His playful presentation style is carried over from the pirate radio stations he grew up listening to in South London.

Oneman’s own words on the mix:

"This mix takes you through the more broken end of the dance music scale, blending up front UKG, electro and breaks with a few NY Dance sounds, the journey goes from a calmer melodic start into more percussive realms"


MIX 021

Riobamba is an Ecuadorian-Lithuanian producer, DJ and cultural activist based in Brooklyn. She’s on the Discwoman roster, and is known for her rowdy and deeply researched live sets, reflecting back nightlife’s power as a site of joy and resistance. 

Riobambas own words on the mix:

“It's election week here in the United States, and this recording is an authentic reflection of where I'm at in holding space for both rage and hope. Channelling dreams of the death of the old system, and a rebirth into a foundation that truly serves and uplifts every one of us.”


MIX 020

Based out of Montreal, producer/DJ Lunice has always been adisciple of hip hop. Crafting his early education listening to masters like Dilla, Madlib, and 9th Wonder, his outlook completely changed when he got his first break DJing legendary parties, in the then-budding Montreal Bass scene, circa 2007-2008. We're happy to presentLunicefor our 20th edition of our Mix series.

Words from Lunice himself on the mix:

"I plan my mix similarly to how I perform and produce my music. With a kind of “live”aspect to it. Despite the times we’re living in now, hopefully you can feel that “liveliness” I felt making this.”


MIX 019

Founder of record labels Bling 47 and Dirt Tech Reck, Waajeed, emerged from the birthplace of soul driven hip-hop underground music - Conant Gardens in Detroit. Today, a force to be reckoned with, Waajeed continues to push the envelope as a producer and with his eclectic DJ sets.

Words from Waajeed himself on the mix:

Clubbing in Detroit in the late 90's was a magical time. Dark spaces filled with funky tech beats blurred the genres. This mix is reminiscent of those late nights becoming early mornings. Ghetto Tech or Booty as us locals called it was the sound of the time. Artist like DJ Godfather, Jammin Gerald and Deeon were our modern day Mozart. Creating and playing the music that filled the dancefloor and my imagination.


MIX 018

Lauren Andrew aka. La La began her musical journey getting her first set of decks from local Glasgow institute Rubadub, and it wasn’t long before she took to DJing across the city. Her signature sound has carried her across Scotland and she is now setting her sights on the rest of the UK and beyond.


MIX 017

Based out of London, Jamo Beatz is the DJ for South London rap collective House of Pharaohs. He has worked with the likes of Migos and Sheck Wes, just to name a few, and is known for his unpredictable style and ability to spot emerging talent


MIX 016

Tokyo-based Techno DJ and Producer Masayoshi Anotani, also known as MARS89, gives us his prescription for inner city pressure - works anywhere from Tokyo to Copenhagen.