Having been around as long as he has, it's difficult to find peers with a similar track record that have stayed as relevant. Constantly evolving and broadening his spectrum ever since his early teens, Victor Crezée has steadily built a name for himself over the past sixteen years as one of the most multi-faceted DJ's around.

Vic describes the mix as "Heavy hitters from past 'n present."

Hecate & Kareem - Mösch
Tvii Son - Am I
Emma DJ - Stratocaster
Le Syndicat Electronique - Men From Westmoon (Porn.Darsteller's Vision)
RX-101 - Hearts Utd. (Brainwaltzera Remix)
Lokier - Screws In Paradise
ADULT. - Shake Your Head
Robert Bergman - All The Way
Salamandos - Apocalypse
Innershades - Escape From Rikers Island
Nukubus - FOD ft. TT
Alpha Males - Sweaty Congaz
Beau Wanzer - Vegetable Peeler
Robert Hood - Chase
Robert Armani - Hit Hard
Ra-X - Untitled
Cardinal & Nun - Tu Peux Crier

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In an increasingly uncertain business of being a musician DJ or performing artist we wanted to find a way to contribute to supporting the music and nightlife scene.

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