Born in Bristol, the co-founder of Full Cycle crew, DJ Krust is much noted in the jungle underground for his push-the-envelope productions, and is a name that has become synonymous with the foundation and early evolution of jungle and drum & bass culture.

Words on the mix from DJ Krust himself:

"It should’ve been obvious but we missed the details. What was the truth behind the truth behind the real story that was the question that was on everybody’s mind,

It was a phantom and an illusion that was manifested deep in the mind of creators, we couldn’t penetrate it so we decided to innovate but that approach soon reached its limit.

It wasn’t until we discovered the information at the bottom of an audio signal that was self correcting. The dimensions were at 300 dB they might as well have been buried underneath 100 tons of concrete, they bear no resemblance to audible codes that we could use however

This was a breakthrough and we were grateful and now many people will be able to audibly distinguish between light frequencies and the dynamic assertion of language and I have the interpretation that it’s now believable but only in headphones.

So I invite you with a request from the centre of the eye to take part in this experience.

Thank you for your commitment.."


Soul in motion - Krust
Hegel Dialectic - Krust
Troublesome - L sides
The Tree of Life - Krust
Witch Shark - Need For Mirrors
Constructive Ambiguity - Krust
I Think of You (Digital & Spirit Remix)- Goldie
Articulate - Bungle
The Portal - Krust
An Uncharted vision - J Kenzo
Gore-Tex Way - Need For Mirrors
Coppola - Need For Mirrors
Phalanx - J Kenzo
T>I x Zombie Cats - SideStep
Patience - Mosley
800 - D Minds
Nonverbal - Focusfire
Kelayx and Stimpy - Mama Asia

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