Born in the south of Holland and started playing music at the age of 12, Cinnaman is part of the infamous Rush Hour Record Store crew, and is one of the most talented and diverse DJs to emerge from Holland.

Words on the mix from Cinnaman himself:

"So I tried to make a mix like I was playing in a small club where you can mix up genres after each other. So from house to grime to electro and whatever you wanna call it. It was fun making this and made me miss clubs even more."


Fauzia - Untitled 1
Uusitalo - Bedroom Selection
No Pain - It's Gonna Be Alright (Gonna Be Alright Mix)
Overmono - Aero
Anz - Stepper
Errol Simms - Its Nota
Toasty - Splash
Adlas - Emergence
Objekt - Tinderbox
Mp Productions - One Way Mirror
Scratchclart - Scorpio
Japanese Telecom - Bullet Train
Untitled - Untitled
Wladimir M. - Planet E (Skee Mask Remix)
Off The Meds - Karlaplan (Remix)
Drexciya - C To The Power Of X

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In an increasingly uncertain business of being a musician DJ or performing artist we wanted to find a way to contribute to supporting the music and nightlife scene.

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