It's announcement time! We have arrived at a decision with Benji B on the best mix and honorable mentions.




"Listening to these mixes I was simply looking for originality and the ability to tell a story during the 60 minutes. A variety of content, not necessarily from a tempo perspective, but just a variety of different sounds (even if it’s on one tempo) to feel like there are different moments and different dynamics and from a technical standpoint of course, to make sure that everything mixes and flows and is in tune. The task of choosing one winner from this shortlist is almost totally impossible, as they all show a very high level in technique and quality.

I´m going to go with Mira´s guest mix and the reason that I found Mira´s guest mix really interesting was because it had a lot of feeling, a lot of groove to it and it was in a very specific zone. Different to a lot of the mixes in terms of tempo and content, and pretty much 100% of the music I hadn’t heard before.  It was put together in a way that would suit a dancefloor session but would also suit a late night/sunrise moment, but equally could have you just vibing in your kitchen or your front room at the same time, which is exactly where I was when I was listening to it.  Mira´s mix kept making my ears prick up, and more importantly making me move, and I just thought it was very really well put together and confident in its style and delivery."



"It's always like one long track, one mood, but eclectic, like  a room full of different furniture but looking great together. This is a small part of my music vision."

Words from the winner on the mix:

I’ve been playing music for six years now and with all that madness in 2020 I got an opportunity to go deeper into listening and searching for music, especially not popular music. I started producing myself and expanding my taste in music. I started to listen to a lot of new genres and styles, sometimes I can fall in love with a track only because of it's percussion or bassline. Working on a mix for me - is always an opportunity to share not commonly known music, interesting music. I want to show my listeners that electronic music can be easy to listen to, it can make your day or it may be a good soundtrack for anything: work, walk or doing nothing. And it's always like one long track, one mood, but eclectic, like  a room full of different furniture but looking great together. This is a small part of my music vision.

Last year was very hard, but the time spent with yourself is a gift and it can be priceless. No frames, more freedom in life, freedom in making music, more new openings in 2021. Music is friend, life and passion.



Benji B on a few mixes that stood out:

I thought that the mix by M7C and Yusuke T really told a story and showed a lot of variety and I loved the way that they managed to get lots of different styles into an hour and do it elegantly in terms of transitions between tunes and in some cases bpm, and mixing and tuning. 

The Amanati - Exotic mix I thought was really interesting and something very different. I’m not sure if it was all original music by the DJ or whether it was lots of different stuff that I’d never heard before, but it was definitely very different and to a very high standard. 

And then I thought the Mezzo Disco mix was just feel-good factor on 100 and whether it’s your specialist area of music or not, you can’t fail to be uplifted by the message. I also thought 10 points for this mix alone on the intro song which really sums up the theme of what this mix contest is all about, which is AiAiAi’s original message of ‘keep making music’. The sentiment of the first tune is don’t give up, which is completely in keeping with the theme. 

Listen to the mixes below

We want to thank everyone for participating in our #aiaiai2021mix contest! Stay tuned for more, and Keep Making Music.