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The TMA-2 headphones are developed with professionals - put to the test by artists all over the world.

It's modular and designed to last, so you can customize your product, grow with your product, and in the end we create less waste for our planet.

TMA-2 Headphones

The TMA-2 is a modular headphone trusted by artists all over the world. Choose from our most popular models or build your own headphones.

Tracks Headphones

The Tracks headphone is an award-winning, supra-aural headphone with a subtle design, focusing on simple lines and an iconic shape.

Stories ·Responsible design



With responsible design we minimize the risk of our products becoming obsolete. With carefully selected materials we reduce our environmental impact. Designed to last is our commitment.

Designed to Last

In a world of fast fashion and short lived trends, we feel a great responsibility of creating a product that surpasses trends and tendencies. By designing our products far beyond trend-driven aesthetics and with the ability to upgrade as technology or the user evolves, we extend the functional lifetime and create less waste for the planet. We consider our product to be timeless, and the only pair of headphones you’ll ever have to buy.

Responsible Materials

We continue to innovate and seek out new recycled and less harmful materials. Thereby contributing to both removing waste from the planet and minimizing our carbon footprint. Now in 2021 we have focused our innovation in audio product design by implementing responsible materials for each component of the headphones, ranging from sustainable Alcantara for ear pads to recycled materials for speaker units.

Stories ·My process



A new short film series with creative direction from Benji B. The series gives exclusive insight into leading artists’ creative process via interviews, performances & tutorial segments. First up is Nubya Garcia.

Headphones ·TMA-2



The TMA-2 is an award winning headphone trusted by artists all over the world. Combining our responsible design philosophy and heritage of Scandinavian design, it is a modular headphone with professional sound quality.


Sound tuned for music production. Extended comfort for long sessions.


Powerful and sturdy with a punchy bass. Put to the test on stages all over the world.

On the move

Designed for listening and creating on the move.

Headphones ·TMA-2 Builder




Build your own headphones with the TMA-2 configurator and get the exact sound and comfort you prefer.






Effortlessly bridging the worlds of RnB soul and electronic music the musician DJ remixer and Canadian beatsmith known as Kaytranada is many things but chief among them an extremely talented producer with what already looks set to be an exceptional career ahead of him.

Benji B

"The Anna Wintour of Music" - Benji B started his climb to success earlier than most of his peers in the industry. His first step was landing a job with legendary radio DJ Gilles Peterson on Kiss FM at just 16. From there it wasn’t long until he had his own show on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Today Benji holds down a weekly slot on Radio 1 using the platform to introduce listeners to underground electronic music from around the world.


Novelist’s skills as an MC and producer have in recent years earned him a reputation as the ‘new face of grime’. This is unsurprising, given his significant airplay on pirate radio stations, the later attention from BBC 1Xtra and Rinse, his MOBO nomination for Best Grime Act in 2014, and his work with the influential imprint Oil Gang and collaboration with grime legend Skepta.


Korean-American producer, vocalist and DJ Kathy Lee, professionally known as Yaeji, has gone from hanging around on the Brooklyn party circuit to festival stage and magazine cover star in just two short years. From her 2016 breakout–a playful cover of Mall Grab’s Guap on Nick Sylvester’s Godmode label, to her performance at Coachella’s packed out Yuma Tent this year, Lee’s skyrocket to global success has been particularly gratifying to watch, when it’s someone who seems to be so unapologetically herself.


When Simon Green first burst onto the scene in 2000 with the ‘Animal Magic’ LP it was a time when words like ‘downtempo’ were frequently thrown about by music journalists and experimental turntablism and crate-dug samples were all the rage among producers. While Bonobo’s immediately recognizable sound has always been indebted to these traditions it has also matured over time into favouring the organic unpredictability of live instrumentation over the post-modern collage of sampling.

Charlotte de Witte

On stage de Witte charms techno heads with her natural ease, composure and expertise. Making it almost look easy to play the biggest stages in the world. Her own studio productions have proven to be intense, addictive and downright impressive, captivating sounding labels like Novamute and Mary Go Wild. The future looks bright for Charlotte de Witte.

Peanut Butter Wolf

Chris Manak for those not in the know is the guy who started the legendary Stones Throw label back in the early 90s with his late buddy Charizma. Now enjoying worldwide success and unanimous critical reverence and musical home to artists like J Dilla Dam-Funk and Madlib are in a uniquely favorable position on the label indie market due to PB Wolf’s uncompromising artistic integrity.

Busy P

Here’s a little history lesson for those under the age of 20: During the 2000s, Ed Banger Records, helmed by the diligent and aptly named Busy P, were lighting up dance floors across the world with their neon-tinted, funk-filled, distorted take on the proud, French, electronic music tradition through acts like Justice, Mr. Oizo and DJ Mehdi.

Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin is a genuine original. His critical acclaim spans the creative realm of the fine art community to the technological vanguard. Meanwhile, as a performing artist, he is constantly pushing conceptual frontiers, moving things forward, welcoming as many as he can to ideas and experiences that would have seemed pure science fiction when he began his career.


Brodinski thumped onto the international scene at the end of his teenage years in 2007. His first release Bad Runner shot him straight onto the crest of the electro-house wave on a level with contemporaries Busy P 2manydjs Tiga and Erol Alkan.

Marcel Dettmann

Marcel Dettmann AKA the king of Berghain states that techno for him is a ‘grundgefühl’ - which can be roughly translated to ‘a fundamental feeling.’ In light of the fact that he produces DJs and promotes only the most exquisite and progressive forms of electronic music on the planet this makes quite a lot of sense. We suspect that this fundamental feeling plays a significant part in the knowing effortlessness with which he carries his trade.

Rodaidh McDonald

Scottish producer Rodaidh Mcdonald currently works for the legendary XL Recordings where he’s been at the helm of some pretty remarkable records. Ranging from the quiet intensity of Daughter’s ‘If You Leave’ and Savages’ manifest-like debut ‘Silence Yourself’ to King Krule’s critically acclaimed ‘6 Feet Benath the Moon' and The XX’s world-shaking self-titled album Rodaidh’s unique sonic touch permeates a sizable piece of contemporary music’s cutting edge.

Trevor Jackson

There’s isn’t really much Trevor Jackson hasn’t done. A respected remixer selector and graphic designer the London-based creative and former boss of the legendary Output label is constantly finding new remarkable ways of expressing his arresting artistic vision. Whether it’s exhibitions that romanticize physical music mediums in poignant new ways or record sleeves that effortlessly articulate the spirit of rock ‘n roll Trevor is forever one step ahead of the game.




Resident Advisor

I liked that the TMA-2 system got me away from compromise - rather than finding the best fit I could actually look for the right fit.

Major HiFi

I’ve dealt with my share of AIAIAI’s and can personally attest to their quality build and sound.

Fast Company

The TMA-2s can be easily customized in configurations ranging from sub-$150 cans perfect for Beats lovers who want to step up their audio game, all the way to $250+ monitors aimed at pros.

Gear Patrol

TMA-2 Modular Headphone was one of our favorite products of the year because in addition to being a great-sounding headphone it was also completely customizable.

DJ Booth

No matter which speaker and earpad combination you choose, the sound quality and isolation will always be on-point.


Excellent-sounding headphones that feature a unique modular approach.

Business Insider

TMA-2 are extremely light and the most comfortable headphones I can remember wearing.


AIAIAI has honed in on one of the most significant cultural trends in the world of music production - namely, the move towards modularity, customization, and upgradability.




We have partnered up and made a TMA-2 limited edition with COLORSXSTUDIOS.