German electronic duo FJAAK produce driving, energetic dance tracks which range from reflective power house to storming warehouse techno, with occasional U.K. garage, dub, and breakbeat hardcore influences. Gritty yet sensual, their tracks are composed entirely on analog equipment.

Based in Berlin, Felix Wagner and Aaron Röbig had been making music together since childhood before they began producing techno as FJAAK during the late 2000s, while they were still teenagers. In 2021 they began to focus on their own labels: "FJAAK" and "SPANDAU20" which release schedules are tightly packed already!

FJAAK's own words on the mix:
"The music we selected for this mix is energetic, powerful and to us very impressive, but also groovy & warm, sounding perfect on your AIAIAI cans. Get ready for a sweaty hour, it's gonna be dripping from the ceiling ;)"

Sam Purcell - there was nothing (Edit)
Stef Mendesidis - Interlynx
Advent - Ramage
Ludacris - Interactive Skit (Album Version)
FJAAK - One Vision
Invexis - Elektronenwind
Mdslktr - Social Distancing (FJAAK Remix)
Rifts - Sharp Lank (Hedgehog Mix)
Heiko Laux - Hexagon
Tobias Von Hofsten - Swinger
AADJA - Falling In A Dream (D.Dan Remix)
Yan Cook - Grizzly
Stranger - Warehouse Memoires (UK Rave Mix)
Pugilist - Nightshade
Kuf - Put in the Work
FJAAK - Unreleased
Asquith - Back to Danny’s (Ripped CD Mix)
Denham Audio - Check 1
FJAAK - Unreleased
Pj Bridger - Midnight Request Line
Setaoc Mass, Cleric feat. John C. Lilly - Altered States

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