Shy One lives and breathes the eclecticism and diversity of her DJ sets and productions. Having started off DJing on pirate radio at 13 years old, She has been exposed to and influenced by the full spectrum of sounds her hometown of London has birthed and nurtured over the years.

Words on the mix from Shy One herself:

"I decided to freestyle this mix, not plan a tracklist and just follow my heart. Like most people I've really been pining for the club and have fallen in love with a lot of tracks made for the dancefloor over the last few months. Other than my radio show I thought this a great opportunity to play them for an audience."


1. Oscar Jerome - Sun For Someone (Shy One Remix)
2. Alleged Witches - Salu Ki
3. Taves - Dissonance
4. 1Luv - Daylight (Slope Dub)
5. Chloé Bodur Ft. Ebi Soda - Talking To The Walls (Ash Walker Remix)
6. Spencer Parker - Beat U
7. Stefan Ringer - VBBQ Fire Roasted
8. Imanol - Apocalipsis
9. Gin Tonic Orchestra - Hands on The Drums (live mix)
10. Byron The Aquarius - If Only She Knew
11. Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Timeline
12. Planet Battagon - Wezlee’s Disco Inferno
13. DJ Lag & Okzharp - Sambe
14. KG x Scratchlart - B2L
15. Fisky - Drum Cast
16. LSDXOXO - Please Make Love To Me (Girls Only Mix)
17. Sleep D - Danza Mart
18. Martyn Bootyspoon - No. 1 Crush

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