Based out of London, Jamo Beatz is the DJ for South London rap collective House of Pharaohs. He has worked with the likes of Migos and Sheck Wes, just to name a few, and is known for his unpredictable style and ability to spot emerging talent. We're happy to announce him for the 17th edition of our Mix series.

Why did you become a DJ?

I wanted to become a DJ because at the time I was producing, so I wanted to play my beats/remixes at the same time


Who are you listening to these days, and why?

At the moment I'm listening to Gunna, a Hip-hop/Trap artist from America. I've been listening to him because the way he delivers his raps/melodies is crazy. Every time on the beats his voices merges well with it.


What was your state of mind when making this mix?

When doing this mix my mind was very relaxed you know. It was during the lockdown stage of COVID 19. There’s a mixture of how I was feeling during that time. Very calm, chilled and experimental. 


What’s your aspirations within music?

Eventually I wanna get back to travelling with my music, performing around the world and sharing my music with people. That’s the best feeling To communicate with music. Also I want  to have my own independent record label with artist and producers around the world. 


What’s next for Jamo Beatz?

At the moment I’ve been working with loads of international artists. I’ve got a project coming out with an Italian artists called Off Gucci by the end of the year.

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