Call-to-action vocals, hi-NRG synth riffs and ten-ton gabber kicks meet rave rinsers, scything electro, booming techno and even the odd rewind. Anastasia Kristensen is a poster-child for techno’s lean out of its associated black hole, and into a spectrum of colours, textures and light. After years of sharpening her reputation as a resident at Culture Box, and in particular Mainstream, one of the city’s few LGBTQ nights, her international tour diary has exploded, taking in small parties and major festivals the world over, making her a magazine cover star who remains driven by connecting communities and elevating fellow music geeks. 

Remixes for artists like Special Request and Daniel Avery laid the path for deals to Warp offshoot Arcola and renowned label Houndstooth, extending the range of what Kristensen brings to the dancefloor, both as a DJ, and a producer putting records in DJ’s hands. By taking that vital first flash of energy and making it relatable, accessible and utterly infectious, Anastasia Kristensen has rapidly clicked with a great deal of people across all walks of dance music – and why she is set to keep doing so for years and years to come.

Anastasia's own words on the mix:
"This is my first mix of the year and it reflects the sounds that I’ve been digging recently and playing at my shows. Tracks full of textures, wonky rhythms and pure dance floor energy."


Issabassi - Screw Disclocation

MÔHNE - ret In (Amour Noir remix)

Unreleased - Unreleased

Paul Laurens - Klatsch

Tomash Gee - Bug

Alt8 - Mind Control

Marcal - Moritsune

Fish, Sherry S - You Get Bun

Roes - I think You’re Lost

Stelmakh - Misha

Voicedrone - Darkness

Vertical67 - Dry Land

Amby Iguous - Freqy

u.r.trax - atom heart

Der Dritte Raum - Alienoid

Selec - Brickwork

Kashpitzky - Midrange

Unknown Artist

Militia - Self Affiction

Vsadniki ZHKH - Mery

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