AIAIAI Mix 016


Tokyo-based Techno DJ and Producer Masayoshi Anotani, also known as MARS89, gives us his prescription for inner city pressure - works anywhere from Tokyo to Copenhagen.

When do you feel true inspiration?

When I dive into other worlds, e.g. while watching movies or reading novels.


What was your state of mind when making this mix?

A Prescription for inner city pressure


You have “NO SIGNAL” tattooed on the back of your neck, what’s the story behind that?

Actually nothing. I just got inspired to get the tattoo when I saw the "no signal" screen on an unwired display.


Who are you listening to these days, and why?

King Midas Sound / Fennesz - Edition 1 - This album really fits my mental condition in this covid-19 situation. Now I can feel some kind of reality in their ambience and beautiful heavy noise, even more than before.


What’s next for Mars89?

I was planning to go to Europe in this summer. and I had some gigs at some festivals and clubs. But everything was of course canceled. Instead I’m keeping busy making music and I think I can release some EPs and maybe an album - so please keep your eyes and ears open.


Claudio Rocchetti - The Black Lake

Phew - 1 Tales,Songs,Dance

Reeko - Punish Or Be Damed

Ike Yard - Cherish 8 (Vessel Remix)

Gatekeeper - Tree Drum (Total Freedom Debt Stalking Version)

The Bug - Skeng (Autechre Remix)


JK FLESH - Nothing Is Free

Aphex Twin - Flaphead

M.E.S.H. - Rüstung

Krikor - A wolf among sheeps

NKISI - Blackbox

Lakker - Ton'Neru (Arad remix)

GOLDIE - Inner City Life (feat Espa - Burial remix)

Sound Shifter - One Nation VIP

Rachael - Okada (DJ Sottofett's SO PHAT Riddimix Is Jungilized)

Erika de Casier - Intimate (Club Mix)