As a DJ and ‘musicologist’, there are few more serious than Antal. Trying to sum up the musical world of the Rush Hour founder with a few loose signifiers like house or techno would be futile.

Sure, everyone in the industry claims to have been music obsessives since youth, but few have taken it as far as this Dutchman. As a DJ who prefers proper tools like E&S or Rane rotary mixers and Dope Real isolators, since 1996 he has played all across Europe, Australia, Asia and both North and South America. Unlike many, though, he has a wealth and depth of music to call on that is so vast you never quite know what you are going to get: he is as comfortable spinning Chicago and Detroit influenced house as he is rare Afro funk, forgotten disco and everything in between.

Antal's own words on the mix:
"Just back from the Selectors Festival and Maiden Voyage festival in London, I finally had the chance again to DJ for an actual real audience. It was so much fun I am still feeling it. This was something I was really missing the last months.

So still in the mood, I was just spinning some tunes in the music room at a midtempo and at the same time I was thinking about the headphone experience and what would be nice to hear, so I went for the more clean and clear productions - but like always, eventually I am turning it around (this time to Brazilian music) for a few bits, only to get out of it again with some other sounds... anyways: all from the heart. "

Joe Claussell – Hallucinations Ejaculations

Gratien Midonet – Osana (Kuniyuki remix)

Jade 4 U – Rainbows

F.J. – Fool’s Love

Odissey – Vire Love

Captain Mosez – Fly Cherry Fly

Warm – Blue Sunrise

Akendengue – Epuguzu

Sue Jorge – Chega No Suingue

Batista – Mode De Viole (Edit)

Tabo’s Project – Eyes Of A Child (Mgwa Bear edit)

Friend Of Mine – Just Your Pride

Nathalie David – Coup De Foudre (Instrumental)

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