K15 has been making music for more than ten years and releasing it for just over half that, drawing his influences from everything from jazz, hip-hop, broken beat and soul, to house and techno.

Words on the mix from K15 himself:

"From bursts of introspection and despair, to contemplation and hope, this is a selection of music that resonated with me over the last few months."


Alfa Mist - High Risk
Chick Corea - Crystal Silence
WebWeb - Inner Revolution
Maxayn - doing nothing, nothing doing
Eriksson Kaner - Mononoke
Cedric Myton - Page of Life
The Paragons - Joy In My Soul
Delroy Wilson - This Life Makes Me Wonder
Tennishu - Outside In The Rain
Ransom - Inglorious Bastards
Patrice Scott - Untitled
Kemetic Just - The Lesson
Kyle Hall - Distant
Meftah - 6 minutes
Chris Keys - Winterlude V5
K15 - QJ1

We created the series to promote and compensate musicians with new weekly mix releases on Soundcloud and Mixcloud - all curated by Benji B.

In an increasingly uncertain business of being a musician DJ or performing artist we wanted to find a way to contribute to supporting the music and nightlife scene.

The effort intends to equip artists to advance their creative and performance opportunities on a global stage, as nightclubs and music venues have largely faced ongoing closures and other restrictions internationally as the COVID-19 pandemic persists.