AIAIAI ·Accessories


UNIT-4 Carrying Case

Protective carry case with a soft velvet liner shaped for UNIT-4. Featuring a comfortable strap and netting pockets to bring your whole setup on the go.

UNIT-4 Bumper Case

Bumper case in extra rugged silicone. For extra protection on the go. Made from 100% recycled silicone.

UNIT-4 Isolation Pads

2 x silicone isolation pads shaped to fit UNIT-4, with a 6° incline or decline. Tuned to improve stereo accuracy and clarity. Made from 100% recycled silicone.

A01 · Protective pouch

Designed to protect your headphones from dust and scratches, the A01 protective pouch is made from soft nylon and features a mesh inside. Fits any TMA-2 and Tracks headphone.

A04 · Hardcase

The A04 hard case is designed to protect your headphones from bumps, dust and scratches. Covered by a matte PU and featuring a soft velvet interior. Fits any TMA-2 headphone.

Maharishi Waistbag

Nylon waistbag. The capsule features the Hyperdub mascot – the 3rd Ear Cat – the bastard child of a Japanese lucky cat and a failed CIA experiment, 'acoustic kitty' in reflective 3M prints and embroidery.

A11 - Tote Bag

Designed to protect your headphones and music equipment from dust and scratches. Made of 100% canvas cotton and has a clip button closure. Fits all AIAIAI products. Dimensions 40 x 30cm.

A05 - USB Charging Cable

USB-C charging cable 1 meter (3,3ft), for charging the H10 Headband, S10 Speaker Units, H05 Headband, and H06 Headband.