What are the limits with W+ Link?


16ms latency is at the threshold of human perception and unnoticeable for most performance and creation. It is the time it takes for your voice to travel to another person 5m (16ft) from you.

16ms latency may be noticeable when recording your own vocals, playing drums and some intricate guitar playing.

Sound pressure level

Our headphones play up to 115dB with a 2.5Vrms signal in to the X01 transmitter. 115dB is equivalent to a loud live concert or an ambulance passing in the street. Many public health authorities suggests to avoid exposure to levels greater than 115dB for any length of time.

Pushing beyond 115dB can be preferred for live performance in (extremely) loud environments. If it’s also supported by the sound system, we recommend plugging in the C02 cable.

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