I can only pair X02 to one UNIT-4. What can I do?

You can reset both UNIT-4's and X02, and then re-pair.

Start by resetting each UNIT-4, one at a time:

  • Turn on UNIT-4
  • Set Mode to W+
  • Hold the Mode button for around 10 seconds - the LEDs will flash fast a few times
  • Turn off UNIT-4
  • (Repeat on your second UNIT-4)

Then reset X02:

  • Connect X02 to power/your device and wait for the LEDs to turn on
  • Hold the button for around 10 seconds - the LEDs will turn off
  • Disconnect X02

Then pair UNIT-4's to X02:

  • Turn on both UNIT-4
  • Set mode to W+
  • They should be in pairing mode automatically - the LEDs will be flashing around 2x per second. If not, hold the Mode button for 2 seconds until the LEDs are flashing fast
  • Connect X02
  • UNIT-4 and X02 will connect automatically

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