Repair guide: TMA-2 speaker units

Repairment is an essential part of our collective mission to do things better and protect the environment. Raw materials used in electronics are becoming increasingly scarce, and at the same time waste from obsolete electronics are growing into a bigger and bigger problem every day. It is essential that we make an effort to reuse what we already have and thereby increase the lifetime of every product.


All you need is a small cross head screwdriver. We use a Phillips 00.


  • Remove all 4 screws in the speaker plate
  • Remove speakerplate and then remove all 4 screws in the pin plate
  • Remove pin plate, and then remove the spring
  • Remove the pin
  • Remove the tunnel. They are press fitted so press the sides of the speaker unit housing while pressing on the tunnel from the outside
  • Remove the second tunnel



When disassembled check all the wires. Are they all soldered firmly in place on the jack sockets and speaker driver. If not they can easily be soldered back in place.


If the pin is not working as intended it often helps to disassemble everything and assemble it again. If that does not work or you can see something is broken or missing then either the pin or spring needs to be replaced.

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