X01 transmitter product manual


  • Power on: Push button (3 sec).
  • Power off: Push button (3 sec).
  • Enter pairing mode: Double push button (power on).
  • Hard reset device: Push button (7 sec).

LED indicators

  • When powering on: LEDs will light matching battery level.
  • When idle and not connected: Blinking white (1sec on, 1sec off).
  • When connected: LEDs will light static white matching battery level.
  • When in pairing mode: LEDs will blink fast (300ms on, 300 ms off).
  • When charging: Cycles through LEDs with the lowest number of LEDs matching the battery level.
  • When charging complete: All LEDs static.

LED battery level indicators

  • Below 25% battery: LED one flashes.
  • 25-50% battery: LED one-two static.
  • 50-75%: LED one-two-three static.
  • 75-100%: All LEDs static.

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