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  • Ultra-low latency and lossless audio with W+ Link technology
  • Added Bluetooth connectivity with +80h playback
  • Fully compatible with TMA-2 modular system

USD 180

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  • 30 days returns policy
  • 2 years warranty
30 days returns policy

Empowering music creators with the freedom to create wirelessly.

W+ Link for wireless ultra-low latency and lossless audio. Added Bluetooth 5.0 with +80h playback time. X01 Transmitter included for W+ Link. Connect the 3.5mm jack to any analog output to transmit wireless audio. Also includes USB-C charging cable.




W+ Link has been specifically developed for wireless audio with ultra-low latency and lossless audio in a stable and robust connection. This unlocks a latency-free wireless experience with TMA-2 Wireless+, designed for enhanced freedom for music making.

W+ Link uses a dedicated radio-frequency band to send audio between the transmitter and headphones, unlike a Bluetooth connection which continuously swaps frequency bands. This ensures the 16ms latency is stable.

The W+ Link is developed with dual antennas to always secure a stable connection without interference from surroundings. With a larger bandwidth than Bluetooth, W+ Link can transmit uncompressed audio, and transmit it multiple times in parallel. This secures a stable signal without drop-outs.