Deep dive W+ Link

W+ Link has been designed for ultra-low latency and lossless audio transmission, over a robust and stable connection.

In this deep dive, we'll explore how W+ Link outperforms Bluetooth for a latency-free wireless experience over a robust and stable connection.

Achieving Stable, Ultra-Low Latency with W+ Link

The W+ Link audio codec is designed to send audio wirelessly with stable 16ms latency. W+ Link uses a dedicated radio-frequency band to send audio between the transmitter and headphones unlike a Bluetooth connection which continuously swaps frequency bands. This ensures the 16ms latency is stable.

Robust Lossless Connection: Dual Antennas and Larger Bandwidth

The W+ Link is developed with dual antennas to always secure a stable connection without interference from surroundings. With a larger bandwidth than Bluetooth, W+ Link can transmit uncompressed audio, and transmit it multiple times in parallel. This secures a stable signal without drop-outs.

Bluetooth devices compress and decompress the audio stream in order to send it wirelessly over the limited bandwidth. This reduces the audio quality.The larger bandwidth used by our W+ Link technology allows the audio stream to be sent uncompressed from your audio source to your headphones. The graph highlights the bitrate of typical Bluetooth codecs compared to W+ Link.

W+ Link vs. Bluetooth: Comparing Wireless Audio Technologies

Bluetooth is a broad technology used for wireless communication in many areas such as medical, smart devices, IoT, communication, and more. Bluetooth was not developed specifically for wireless audio. When used for wireless audio, some of the limitations are on latency, stability, and robustness. This is experienced by a delay in the sound, which varies depending on the surroundings, and dropouts or interference in the connection. With its wide support and adoption, Bluetooth is a great option for listening and casual music making, on all Bluetooth enabled devices.

Posted on Dec 13, 2021 in Products

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