Portable and ultra-low latency wireless studio monitors.

  • Complete wireless freedom
  • Reference monitor performance
  • Portable, compact and rugged
  • Connect to everything
  • Responsible design

USD 800

  • FREE shipping above Infinity
  • 30 days returns policy
  • 2 years warranty
30 days returns policy
UNIT-4 Wireless+ ·In the box
UNIT-4 Wireless+ · 2pcs

Portable and ultra-low latency wireless studio monitors. Includes protective steel grills and power supplies with regional cord.

X02 Transmitter · 1pcs

USB-C W+ Link transmitter. Transmits to 2 x W+ Link devices simultaneously. Includes a 0,2m USB-C to USB-C cable in neon.

Protective pouch · 2pcs

UNIT-4 protective pouch in black. Made from compostable fabric material.

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UNIT-4 Wireless+ ·Accessories
UNIT-4 Carrying Case

Protective carry case with a soft velvet liner shaped for UNIT-4. Featuring a comfortable strap and netting pockets to bring your whole setup on the go.

UNIT-4 Bumper Case

Bumper case in extra rugged silicone. For extra protection on the go. Made from 100% recycled silicone.

UNIT-4 Isolation Pads

2 x silicone isolation pads shaped to fit UNIT-4, with a 6° incline or decline. Tuned to improve stereo accuracy and clarity. Made from 100% recycled silicone.