Responsible packaging design

Our focus on responsible design also include sustainable packaging, which minimize product obsolescence and environmental impact through the careful selection of materials.

In late 2019, we recognized the need to address the significant contribution of packaging to our product's CO2 footprint, primarily due to the use of conventional aluminum and LDPE materials, as well as the overall weight and dimensions. This realization prompted us to develop more sustainable packaging solutions using environmentally-friendly materials.

Our approach

We focused on replacing conventional materials with sustainable alternatives, such as 100% recycled plastics and FSC certified paper from responsible sources. Additionally, we optimized the dimensions and weight of our packaging to reduce waste and significantly lower our carbon footprint.

The results

We successfully introduced our new sustainable packaging in summer 2020, incorporating the following environmentally-friendly features:

  • All materials are recycled and recyclable.
  • All plastics are made from 100% recycled plastics.
  • All paper used is FSC certified, indicating responsible sourcing.
  • The sleeve carries the Nordic Ecolabel (Nordic Swan or Svanemærket), signifying its eco-friendly nature.
  • The sleeve is Cradle-to-Cradle certified meaning it is CO2 neutral, produced using 100% wind energy, and made with circular and compostable materials, excluding the neon pigment.
  • Anti-moisture bags with activated carbon produced from organic material as alternative to traditional silica gel bags.

By incorporating these sustainable elements, we managed to reduce the carbon footprint by over 60%. Furthermore, the optimization of dimensions and weight led to a total reduction in packaging CO2 footprint by 80%.


We recommend recycling the packaging as paper, cardboard, or plastic, depending on local recycling facilities. Below please find the environmental labels per EU directive:

Black plastic bags: LDPE, material code 4
Sticker on plastic bags: Recycle as paper+plastic, material code 81

Included only in select products where necessary:

Product manual: Recycle as paper, material code 22
Transparent bag for charging cable: CPE, material code 7
Woven bags for speaker units: PP, material code 5
Anti-moisture bags with activated carbon: Carbon, code 50

Since the launch of our first headphones in 2010, we have been dedicated to responsible product design. We've come a long way and we are just getting started. If you’ve ideas on how we can do better, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out on [email protected].

Posted on Dec 1, 2021 in Sustainability

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