UNIT-4 featured in Decades (In Space) installation at Art Basel Miami

UNIT-4 Wireless+ on display at the Decades (In Space) music and design project, benefiting pioneering non-profit internet radio station Dublab.

The project entitled decades (in space) commemorates two decades of dublab’s space-making cultivation of global experimentation through community-generated radio. The limited edition copies of the album conceptualize connective space of all kinds. The album’s “make space” kit includes a chair assembled from the album packaging designed by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory UX Designer Marijke Jorritsma, Sustainable Experience Designer Daniel Perlin, Architectural Designer John Vieweg & Arts Technologist KamranV, who is also the album’s producer. 

The project’s installation at Alcova Miami is presented in a golden room inspired by outer spacecraft which use gold for thermal protection of the craft through space. In the room attendees sit on the unique, galaxy-laden chairs while listening to the rare quadraphonic spatial vinyl record, immersing the listening space via four UNIT-4 studio monitors for temporal bliss. A one-of-one edition of the record designed with multi-disciplinary artist Dyan Jong and design researcher Rucker Manley has real outer space rocks embedded and will also be on display as a part of the exhibition.

Running until December 10. If you're in or around Miami, come by and experience UNIT-4 in this unique listening space.

Find out more about our portable and wireless UNIT-4 studio monitors here.

Posted on Dec 8, 2023 in Products

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