History of responsible design

From recycled materials to lifetime trade-in initiatives, follow the journey of our commitment to sustainability and responsible design.

Here at AIAIAI, we take great pride in our responsible design achievements, always prioritising ethical considerations, sustainability, and user well-being. Our modular designs, use of recycled materials, and ‘Right to Repair’ commitments have vastly reduced our environmental impact over the years, as have our lifetime trade-in and Remixed initiatives. 

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TMA-1 launches with a focus on minimal, long-lasting design - building on Scandinavian design history. 


TMA-2 arrives and AIAIAI goes modular. Product lifetimes extended. Electronic waste reduced.


Bio-diaphragm drivers introduced. Unmatched acoustic properties, made from bio-cellulose.

Highly comfortable Alcantara® ear cushions are brought in, made from C02 neutral materials.

Committing to ‘Right to Repair’ by introducing repair guides, leveraging modular product design.


Packaging made from recycled materials is implemented, reducing C02 emissions by 80%.


TMA-2 speaker units made from recycled vinyl, presented as part of the AIAIAI x Ninja Tune collaboration.

All TMA-2 speaker units now made with 30% recycled plastic.


Repreve® is adopted - the world’s leading performance fibre made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles.


Remixed initiative is introduced, allowing users to buy used headphones and parts, or trade-in headphones or modular parts for credit towards future purchases.


Lifetime trade-in arrives. Users are able to trade in used or non-functional TMA-1 or TMA-2 headphones or parts, no matter when they were purchased. 

Posted on Jul 6, 2023 in Products

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