Our flagship store gets a unique, flexible makeover

Borg Bruckner redesigns our flagship store in Copenhagen with a unique, flexible interior.

When we entrusted Danish design studio Borg Bruckner with the task of redesigning our flagship store in Copenhagen, the studio embraced the challenge as an opportunity. With the TMA-2 headphones offering many configuration options, the designers aimed to create a system that could not only showcase and highlight the versatility of the product but also accommodate other items sold in the shop.

The key concept was to develop a flexible interior that could adapt and evolve according to our needs and the modular nature of the product, all within the constraints of the compact space. The ability to rearrange elements to suit different scenarios was crucial. Inspired by modular display systems found in factories and workshop tool walls, the functionalism of industrial tools and products that the TMA series references provided a natural starting point.

Borg Bruckner has a penchant for incorporating non-designed, high-quality materials originally intended for industrial use into their designs. These materials, when placed in the right environment and context, possess a strong presence and longevity. In this case, a standard perforated wall system with a pattern that aligns with the TMA-2 packaging identity was selected and custom powder coated, serving as the cohesive element that ties everything together.

Additional elements of the design solution were also sourced directly from existing products. Mass-produced plastic boxes in standard sizes, known for their rugged appearance and colour, were chosen. The tables were created using a pipe clamping system commonly found in factories, allowing for endless possibilities in combination. The monochrome color palette further enhanced the cohesion among all the elements, seamlessly integrating with the minimalist aesthetics of our products and brand identity.

Come and visit us: Studiestræde 31, 1455 København K, Denmark.

Posted on Jun 15, 2016 in Products

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