Slowthai Interview

Before the release of Slowthai’s debut album ”Nothing Great About Britain”. We met with him at the recent JOURNEY fest. in Copenhagen to have a chat about what makes Britain great after all, his new music and taking off your clothes on stage.

It sounded great out there - your soundcheck. 

“Thank you. Did you like it?”

Very much. I like the new one. 'Peace Of Mind' too! Speaking of new music, You just announced your debut studio album “Nothing Great About Britain”. When is it coming?

“It’s not done yet. It’s still getting mastered.” 

You don’t want to tell me or you just don’t know?

“No, I just don’t know. I’m an open book so I’d tell you. Maybe sometime in May.”

First I heard of this album title was in a freestyle video you released in the beginning of February. Alan Moore is in it! I know he’s been an inspiration to you in the past and you’re both from Northampton. Can you tell me more about your connection to him?

“When I was young I wasn’t into art or anything creative. I just got fucked up smoking and drinking. We used to chill on this corner and I didn’t know who he was, but my friends did. He came over and talked to us about the films and his work. I respect him because he’s like “This is my art, I don’t want anyone to change it”. He’s proud of where we’re from too. I think that’s why I connect with him.”

Why do you think he likes you?

“I think because we stand for the same things. Not caring about industry bullshit or guidelines of how you should live your life. And he comes from an estate similar to me, he never did well at school and all he had was his writing - I just think we’re similar.”

What do you want to say with this album title?

“They say Great Britain, but I don’t think it’s that great. Obviously, Britain is in a pickle at the moment. Kinda lost sense of home or what we’re actually about. I’m just trying to explain what makes it great through my experience and my life.”

What do you think makes it great?

“Just the people. Anywhere you go without the people and without people connecting, that could just be any kind of place. My most important thing to me is my family. The only woman I would ever see as a queen is my mom because she birthed me and she’s the only person I can put on a pedestal. Dethroning the actual queen and putting my mom up there. She’s a single mom. She worked hard and I think in my life I’ve ever seen her cry once and she’s just mad happy. Your family is just always going to be there no matter what you do, no matter what you’ve done wrong or right.”

And you got you?

“Yea yea yea, and that’s the important thing as well. It’s all about a sense of self. If you don’t care for yourself, how can you care for anyone else? You are the most important person in your life.”

You are about to perform at Journey Fest tonight. Will there ever be a show where you keep your clothes on?

“No. I just get too hot! Basically I’m against masculinity. I think when people are overly masculine they either need to come to terms with something within themselves or it’s been forced upon them. It’s my way of taking that away. I feel like everyone has insecurities, and if I can do it everyone can do it. I don’t even want people looking at me. I want people to zone out, go into themselves and have their own experience at the show.”

When you perform at the Grammys one day - will you still take your clothes off?

“Yea… I’ll probably take my boxers off then!”

Words: Sara Sadiq Frost. Pictures: Polina Vinogradova.

Posted on Feb 9, 2022 in Community

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