Loraine James on not overthinking It

The unique and experimental music producer shares her views on keeping the creative process moving and not letting self-doubt get in the way of progress.

Loraine’s journey started when she enrolled in a production course after failing her GCSEs. When she first started producing, she attempted to make rock-themed electronic music, but she soon realized that it wasn't working out. Over the years, her style has evolved into something completely different, and she now produces experimental music that defies genre boundaries.

Loraine is a firm believer in not getting stuck on any one thing for too long. If something isn't working, she moves on to the next idea. When it comes to her creative process, Loraine approaches things differently every time. She often starts by creating a drum rack and experimenting with different kicks and rhythms until she finds something that excites her. She doesn't like to bore herself when producing music, so she tries to come up with something unique every time, allowing her intuition to guide her.

One of Loraine’s recent projects is a track called "Running Like That" from her album Reflection. She doesn't remember where she started with this track but that she likely began by creating a drum rack and experimenting with kicks. Avoiding overthinking things and taking an exploratory approach, she often clicks in drum patterns randomly or by using Ableton to capture something from a keyboard. For her, getting rid of the metronome or not looking at the grid leads to coming up with something outside of her typical headspace.

Loraine started putting her own music on Bandcamp when she was around 20 years old, appreciating the platform's DIY ethos and flexibility. She was able to set her own prices for her music and make it available for anyone to purchase or stream. She eventually deleted most of her early work due to negative comments, but this did not deter her from continuing to make music.

"If it works, it works. If it doesn't, I just make the next one."

As an established producer, Loraine still feels the need to challenge herself and push her boundaries. She has been experimenting with using hardware in her music production and incorporating influences from outside her genre. When playing live, she uses a simple setup consisting of an Akai keyboard, a launchpad, and one other device. In her view, music creators should find ways to make music within their own price range and not feel pressured to spend money on expensive plugins or equipment.

Overall, Loraine’s approach to production sets an example for up-and-coming music creators to experiment and not be afraid to take risks. She believes that it's important to keep things fresh and exciting, to not overthink things, and to allow yourself to make mistakes. Unique and interesting music that will stand out in a crowded industry comes from trying new things.

Posted on Apr 1, 2023 in Community

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