To kick off the new AIAIAI Discord server, we threw a month-long virtual festival spotlighting the future of the industry.

Over the course of June, we brought together the scene's leading trailblazers to share their unique vision of progression. From the communities pathing the way to a more inclusive ecosystem to those breaking new ground in tech. Here's what we got up to...


For the first event, we invited multidisciplinary artists Mark Fell and Rian Treanor to host a synth session focusing on their open online synthesizer. We invited our community to get behind-the-scenes followed by a unique opportunity to co-perform live with Fell, Treanor and a global group of talent. 

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We brought together two of the underground music scene's most beloved cult brands, Keep Hush and Dr Banana, to share how they fostered their community and forged their unique style in an industry often besieged by half-hearted merch. Together with the Discord audience, they ran through, as close to a step-by-step guide as is possible, what you need to do to launch your very own music brand.

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Legendary producer and pioneer of the London underground scene, Plastician has worked with dubstep and grime royalty, including the likes of Skepta, Skream & Benga. These days he finds himself once again a pioneer in perhaps one of music's biggest next steps, NFTs & Web3. In this event, Plastician was joined by Identification Of Music's own, Ed Lloyd and Ikävä Pii from the emerging Web3 community SODAA. SODAA is a collective coming together with the shared goal of owning and operating a venue in London, all in a decentralised manner. We invited the audience to the stage during this talk, where all of their burning questions regarding this divisive and exploratory space were answered.

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It was our distinct pleasure to invite down two of the scene's most progressive figures for our fourth and final event; Niks Delanancy & DeForrest Brown Jr. As a DJ, speaker, contemporary trained dancer and founder of Black Artist Database (B.A.D.), there are few corners of the dance music community that Niks hasn't brought value and positive change to. Black Artist Database in broad terms, aims to diversify our music scene from top-to-bottom.DeForrest has a similarly expansive list of accolades to his name, as a theorist, journalist, and curator, he has been instrumental in developing and challenging narratives in music culture. His latest book explores a general history of techno and adjacent electronic music with a focus on Black experiences in industrialised labor systems, and explores the development of on-the-ground culture in relation to a unique American art form. Together in this discussion they explore the unique dynamics between the UK & US's underground scenes through the lens of their important work.

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