We have done a special project with KNTXT, the boutique label curated by DJ and record producer Charlotte de Witte - recently ranked as #1 on the Alternative DJ Mag Top 100 chart



This TMA-2 KNTXT edition is the weapon of choice for Charlotte de Witte, designed with her boutique label KNTXT. The TMA-2 DJ is developed with professionals and has been put to the test on stages all over the world. With its reinforced headband and powerful bass, it's a specialized piece of equipment for the hardworking musician.

The titanium-coated speaker unit delivers a punchy and intense sound representation focused on bass and low- end dynamics. Combining the durable nylon headband and the on-ear PU leather earpads providing high isolation results in a powerful sturdy headphone suitable for live performance and electronic/bass heavy music.

"These last couple of years, my AIAIAI headphones have been by my side for all my adventures. It’s the headphones I like using the most for DJing and they became a part of my everyday life. Doing this collaboration with AIAIAI and sharing our views on design, was a very fascinating process to me. We tried to create a timeless design on headphones that I enjoy using dearly. I’m very proud to share this with the world!”

Charlotte de Witte

On stage de Witte charms techno heads with her natural ease, composure and expertise. Making it almost look easy to play the biggest stages in the world. Her own studio productions have proven to be intense, addictive and downright impressive, with chart topping captivating KNTXT releases such as Return To Nowhere and Selected. Charlotte continues her path to legend status.