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What is improved with the S05 MKII speaker units?

The S05 MKII are the speaker units on the TMA-2 Studio and TMA-2 Studio XE, and we continue to push the limits on both acoustic design, responsible materials, and our production capabilities.

The S05 MKII feature the awarded bio-diaphragm speaker driver and sound profile from the S05, fine-tuned with artists in the studio for a slightly wider soundstage and even better instrumental separation.

Responsible design is a foundational principle across all our products and our packaging. The S05 MKII is made with 30% recycled plastic, and together with our recycled packaging materials, we've taken another big step in reducing our carbon footprint.

With the success of the S05 and the bio-diaphragm speaker driver, we have been able to upgrade our production technology and source components more effectively, so we are proud to offer the improved S05 MKII at a more affordable price.

S05 MKII speaker units do not use the cable-lock system on the headband side. This makes it easier to assemble the headphones. The speaker units still use the cable-lock system for the main cable to ensure that you can use the headphones without worrying about the cable disconnecting

Acoustic design details

Improved sub-bass extension below 50Hz for a slightly tighter bass response without compromising the mid-range frequencies, and smoother mid-range for a slightly brighter vocal and acoustic range, and more energy at 6KHz-10KHz for slightly more detail in the treble range.

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