High definition, wireless audio and extreme comfort for the ultimate listening experience.

  • Highly detailed sound with bio-diaphragm speaker units.
  • Ultra soft over-ear Alcantara® cushions.
  • Upgradeable modular headphones.

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H05 Bluetooth 4.2 with Aptx HD USD +25
H06 Bluetooth 5.0

USD 325

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30 days returns policy

TMA-2 HD Wireless is the ultimate listening experience. Highly detailed and precise sound representation, transmitted in HD 24-bit quality with the H05 Headband, and ultra soft over-ear cushions with Alcantara®.

The high-end S05 speaker unit with Bio-Cellulose delivers a clear and highly detailed sound representation. Combining the H05 Bluetooth headband and the E08 over-ear Alcantara® earpads results in super comfortable headphone with high-end audio, suitable for long and critical listening sessions.





The speaker unit contains a diaphragm that is precision-grown from NAC Audio bio-cellulose, making it stiffer, lighter and stronger than regular PET speaker units, and allowing the sound-producing diaphragm to vibrate without the levels of distortion found in other speakers. Each of these qualities results in more accurate and detailed sound from the speaker with the ability to retain clarity of sound at high volumes.


The H05 Headband comes with Aptx® HD codec transmitting 24-bit hi-res audio, equal to or better than CD quality. Codecs: SBC, AAC, AptX, and AptX HD. 16h playback time. Alternatively, the H06 Headband features Bluetooth 5.0, 20h playback time, and SBC and AAC codecs.


Alcantara® is a highly innovative material offering an unrivalled combination of sensory aesthetic and functional qualities. With its extraordinary versatility, combined with a serious and proven commitment to sustainability from AIAIAI, make Alcantara® the choice for those who want an extreme comfort for sustained listening experiences while respecting the environment.


Our fundamental belief is that life is rarely static. Modularity serves the highly nuanced expectations and needs of discerning audio consumers. With the ability to upgrade and expand as technology or the user evolves we extend the functional lifetime and create less waste for the planet - designed to last.






Effortlessly bridging the worlds of RnB soul and electronic music the musician DJ remixer and Canadian beatsmith known as Kaytranada is many things but chief among them an extremely talented producer with what already looks set to be an exceptional career ahead of him.

Young Guru

AIAIAI collaborator Young Guru is a Grammy-award winning sound engineer who has worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Drake among others. Guru is also a thoughtful educator who rarely wastes an opportunity to drop knowledge on engineering, hip hop and the general state of music at the world’s finest academic institutions.

Benji B

"The Anna Wintour of Music" - Benji B started his climb to success earlier than most of his peers in the industry. His first step was landing a job with legendary radio DJ Gilles Peterson on Kiss FM at just 16. From there it wasn’t long until he had his own show on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Today Benji holds down a weekly slot on Radio 1 using the platform to introduce listeners to underground electronic music from around the world.

Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin is a genuine original. His critical acclaim spans the creative realm of the fine art community to the technological vanguard. Meanwhile, as a performing artist, he is constantly pushing conceptual frontiers, moving things forward, welcoming as many as he can to ideas and experiences that would have seemed pure science fiction when he began his career.

Trevor Jackson

There’s isn’t really much Trevor Jackson hasn’t done. A respected remixer selector and graphic designer the London-based creative and former boss of the legendary Output label is constantly finding new remarkable ways of expressing his arresting artistic vision. Whether it’s exhibitions that romanticize physical music mediums in poignant new ways or record sleeves that effortlessly articulate the spirit of rock ‘n roll Trevor is forever one step ahead of the game.

Busy P

Here’s a little history lesson for those under the age of 20: During the 2000s, Ed Banger Records, helmed by the diligent and aptly named Busy P, were lighting up dance floors across the world with their neon-tinted, funk-filled, distorted take on the proud, French, electronic music tradition through acts like Justice, Mr. Oizo and DJ Mehdi.


When Simon Green first burst onto the scene in 2000 with the ‘Animal Magic’ LP it was a time when words like ‘downtempo’ were frequently thrown about by music journalists and experimental turntablism and crate-dug samples were all the rage among producers. While Bonobo’s immediately recognizable sound has always been indebted to these traditions it has also matured over time into favouring the organic unpredictability of live instrumentation over the post-modern collage of sampling.



Since the launch of our TMA-1 headphones in 2010, we have been committed to doing things better. Through sustainable design, modular functionality and recycled materials we extend the longevity of every product, creating less waste for the planet.

Sustainable design

Driven by a a sustainable design philosophy since 2010, and informed by a heritage of Scandinavian design, we create products far beyond trend-driven aesthetics, extending the longevity of every product.


Our fundamental belief is that life is rarely static. Modularity introduced in 2015, serves the highly nuanced expectations and needs of discerning audio consumers. With the ability to upgrade and expand as technology or the user evolves, we extend the functional lifetime and create less waste for the planet.

Recycled materials

Now in 2020, we continue our innovation in audio product design by seeking out and implementing recycled materials for each component of the headphones, ranging from sustainable Alcantara® for ear pads to Ocean Plastic for speaker units.




Driver diameter
40 mm
113 dB
Resonance freq.
80 Hz
32 Ohm
Rated power
40 mW
Max power
100 mW
High grade Neodymium
In the box
S05 · Detailed sound - Bio-diaphragm

Engineered with a 40mm speaker diaphragm made from stiff Bio-Cellulose for more defined high-frequency details, more pronounced mid-range, better dynamics, and more natural tonality. Delivered as a pair.

H05 · Bluetooth - Aptx HD

High quality Bluetooth with Aptx HD codec transmitting 24-bit hi-res audio equal to CD quality. 16h playback time. Codecs: SBC, AAC, AptX, AptX HD. Built-in microphone, includes USB-C charging cable.

E08 · Over ear - Alcantara®

Ultra soft over-ear memory foam cushion covered with Alcantara®, an aesthetic, functional, and CO2 neutral material. Highly comfortable and ideal for longer listening sessions.

C15 · Straight - 1.5m - Triad hi-fi

Straight 1.5m black, triad hi-fi cable. Designed for durability and reduced magnetic and radio frequency interference.




TMA-2 is a modular headphone system that lets you create your own unique personalized headphones - while enabling a quick and easy change of individual parts along the way. For music makers this means the opportunity to adapt and tailor the headphones to a creative context and music preferences.

TMA-2 HD Wireless variant (S05 H06 E08 C15)

With the H06 Bluetooth 5.0 headband. 20h playback time. Codecs: SBC and AAC.

TMA-2 HD Wireless variant (S05 H05 E04 C15)

With the E04 over-ear leather cushions for wide soundstage, high comfort and high isolation.


If you want headphones that will last for years or even decades (dare we say: forever?), infinitely repairable, and upgradable - AIAIAI's offering will meet these needs like no other currently on the market.

Resident Advisor

I liked that the TMA-2 system got me away from compromise - rather than finding the best fit I could actually look for the right fit.

Fast Company

The TMA-2s can be easily customized in configurations ranging from sub-$150 cans perfect for Beats lovers who want to step up their audio game, all the way to $250+ monitors aimed at pros.

Major HiFi

I’ve dealt with my share of AIAIAI’s and can personally attest to their quality build and sound.





Build your own headphones with the TMA-2 configurator for the sound and comfort you prefer.