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Choose between our on-ear headphones for a comfortable listening experience with a slim profile.

TMA-2 Move XE Wireless

Premium modular Bluetooth headphones with critically acclaimed sound from our professional TMA-2 Studio line. Lightweight design and REPREVE® on-ear cushions. Bluetooth 5.0 with +40 hours of playback.


Professional modular DJ headphones put to the test on stages all over the world. With durable construction and powerful bass, it's a specialized piece of equipment for the hardworking musician.


Award-winning, supra-aural headphone with a subtle design, focusing on simple lines and an iconic shape. 40mm speaker drivers for a full-spectrum sound quality with a tight bass and detailed high frequency notes. Designed around an aluminum brace that acts as a rail system for the sliding ear cups.

Resident Advisor

I liked that the TMA-2 system got me away from compromise - rather than finding the best fit I could actually look for the right fit.

Major HiFi

I’ve dealt with my share of AIAIAI’s and can personally attest to their quality build and sound.


AIAIAI has honed in on one of the most significant cultural trends in the world of music production - namely, the move towards modularity, customization, and upgradability.

Gear Patrol

AIAIAI ensures that the buying process itself is part of the enjoyment, and you get exactly the audio equipment needed for your aural purpose and pleasure.