The process of making music is becoming increasingly dynamic and collaborative. Whether at home, on the road, or with friends, creators are breaking free from boundaries and embracing inspiration whenever and wherever it strikes.

@keinseier · ► 64.500

Another huge leap for my mobile setup! One of the last missing pieces of the puzzle has been solved by the UNIT-4

@shmusic_23 · ► 41.800

Music journey with UNIT-4 🔊🔈

With UNIT-4, I drove around and made music. It was very convenient for rough mixing and the initial composition process, and although it was compact to carry it everywhere, I was able to enjoy decent sound wirelessly with performance close to zero latency.

@RICKYTINEZ · ► 988.000

Who are the UNIT-4 monitors for? I dug deep for this one, and to my surprise they can find a way into a ton of setups, from listening, to mixing, to producing and beyond.

@datsunnmusic · ► 23.300

I decided to take my UNIT-4’s out for a test drive during my latest YouTube video where I explored how environmental changes can affect our creative process!

@djshu_g · ► 489.000

With these, I no longer need cables, and there’s no noticeable latency... that’s the crazy part!

@cookinsoul · ► 248.000

My son got an early XMAS present 🎅🎄
Cam continues to be better than me at beatmaking 🤔
Feliz Navidad a todos/as !!! ❤️🔥

@christinatripp · ▶︎ 44.400

AIAIAI has portable and wireless studio monitors & headphones?!?😭😍

@stormmollison · ▶︎ 36.900

The fact I’m sat in a tent at a festival and I’ve got my full setup here is kinda mad

@e.noxz · ▶︎ 318.000

UNIT-4 wireless studio monitors. No cables, no interface, just a 20hr+ ultra-low latency reference monitor with AIAIAI’s own W+ Link technology.

@indianrunmusic · ► 41.100

Had to do a session at home the other day and these portable UNIT-4 monitors by AIAIAI came in cluuutch

@madkeys_ · ► 67.300

Whether he’s in the studio, lounging, or making beats out in the open, Madkeys always comes through with the silkiest and smoothest of jams ✨

@so.wylie · ► 134.000

That shot at the end haha. Thanks AIAIAI for partnering and sending the UNIT-4 Wireless+, the first wireless and portable studio monitors.