How do I update the firmware on H05?

Please download the H05 Updater for your system below and follow the on-screen instructions. To ensure compatibility please use the USB to USB-C cable included with the H05.

(Guide for Linux systems can be found here.)


I'm following the onscreen instructions, but nothing is happening

First unplug your H05, plug it in again and try the on-screen instructions one more time. If it still doesn‘t work, unplug the USB-C cable again, turn it around, plug it in again, and try the on-screen instructions one more time.

H05 updater is stuck at downloading

First unplug your H05, then close the app, then plug H05 in again and open the app and follow the on-screen instructions one more time. If this doesn't help, please follow below instructions:

  • Windows: Uninstall or delete the version you have of H05 Updater (make sure it is closed). Then install again via the link above. Then uninstall one more time through control panel - This should clean the cache folders. Now do a final install, and you have a completely clean H05 Updater installation.
  • Mac OSX: Delete the "H05 Updater" folder from "Application Support" (Go into finder and press command+shift+g and paste this "~/Library/Application Support" and press enter. Find "H05 Updater" and delete it. Now try again)

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